Suresh Sharma :


Born in 1937, Suresh Sharma obtained Diploma in art & craft from Kala Bhavan, Vishwa-Bharati in 1962. He done an advance training in painting in Brooklyn Museum Art School USA and in Printmaking at Bratt International Graphic Centre, New York in 1970. Held one man shows in Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi 1973, 1979, Sridharini Gallery, New Delhi 1993 and in
other cities in India. Participated in contemporary international Art exhibition at Japan in 1981-83, IVth Triennale-India, Indian Contemporary Art in Japan 1988 National Exhibition of Art Exhibition Organised by Takhman-28, Participed in Indo-German Painters Camp Organised by Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta in 1982, USIS, Lithographic Workshop at Udaipur.
His works are in various collections in India and abroad.
He lives and works in Udaipur.