Lalit Sharma :


Born: 1953, at Nathdwara (Udaipur) Raj. India
M.A. Drawing & Painting, University of Udaipur, 1975
Gold Medal By Tulika Kalakar Parishad, Udaipur 1972-73 Awarded By R.L.K..A., Jaipur 1975-79-89
Commendation in National Exhibition of Art 1976
Awarded By the AIFACS on the 50 years of the Independence Day at Jaipur 1997, District level Award for Handicraft 1996-97
State & National Award By IFACS on the 50 years of the Independence Day at New Delhi 1997
Working in Cardiff as a Part of the Wales/Rajasthan Exchange Programme 1995 One Man Show:
New Library Cardiff. U.K. 1995
Demo & Personal Show at Yokohama (Japan) Organised by Kazu Yamada 1998 Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai 2000
Group Exhibitions:
Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay 1980/86,88 91
Lalit Kala Akademi, Jaipur 1981
Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad 1, 98~
"Kala Mela" Bombay and Jaipur 1992
Takhman-28 New Delhi 1994
Two Man Show at Ahmedabad 1995/97
Group Show Kathmandu, Bombay, Ahmedacac '–!--a
Kala Chetna organised By R.L.K.A., Jaipur 199-3
Group Show at Jawahar Kala Kendra. Jaipur
Participated in many National & International l,'.c,Ks-.-ps Camps & Exhibitions Studio:
10-D, Kalaji Goraji, New Colony, Udaipur-313CO1 'Raj)India
Tel.: 0294 523963