Takhman-28 a group of Experimental Artists of Rajasthan The name sounds unfamiliar. It should because the word Takhman is neither an abbreviation nor an acronym. In fact it does not mean anything. It is experimental, like the group of artists, who constitute it. Some experimental artists of Rajasthan decided to forma group to explore the potentialities of experimental art and to open new vistas of art to the art-lovers and the public. Each member was asked to name a letter of the alphabet, the first that came to his mind. And out of the chance combination of these letters the name 'TA KHMAN' emerged. As it was 28 Februrary,1968, it was called Takhman-28. This is how it all came about. The group which included painters, sculptors, and print-makers has been striving to fulfil the spirit of its manifecto which says-"Keeping spirit of conventional plastic arts in tradition and experimenting with its changing dimensions, materials and forms for the expression of I ife, we shall bring painting, sculpture and drama into the lives of common people, because it is our staunch belief that the good of all consists in continuously developing interest of the common man in the joy of creation and enjoyment of plastic arts." For attaining this manifesto we have been arranging art exhibitions of our members at various art-centres such as Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta etc. and also arranging art seminars, artists' camps and publications etc. We have established a TAKHMAN CENTER near Fateh Sagar lake at Udaipur, India, having graphic, painter's and sculptor's studios, museum and library etc. to be of help in generating an environment conducive to contemporary art. Our group Takhman-28 is a leading group of Rajasthan which has projected the modem experimental image of Rajasthan Painters on the National and International level. Takhman is also providing working scholarship and fellowship to young & promising artists of the region. We are sure that this exhibition will form an important art-event in the field of art by exhibiting the best and the latest works of our region.

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  • Near Charak Hostal, Charak Marg O.T.C. Scheme, Udaipur - 313001

  • info@takhman28.org
  • President :- L.L. VARMA +91 8118891398
  • Secretary :- R.K. SHARMA +91 9214460803

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